Sep 23, 2010


Know who deleted you from Facebook Friend list

  • Sep 23, 2010
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  • Hello Everybody,
    Today I am going to share some features related to Facebook which is really interesting among the Facebook users. Apparently you may be interesting  in knowing who has deleted you from their friend list. In Facebook it is possible to find out who removed you from their friends by installing a web browser extension called unfriend Finder. This browser extension let you see who deleted you from friend list on Facebok.

    How can  you  install this unfriend Finder web extension ?
    First of all you have to determine on which browser we are going to install, if you are using Firefox make sure that you have Greasemonkey  installed, but if you are using Chrome, Opera or Safari then it is not necessary to install Greasemoney, you can download the script directly.

    Once installed, Unfriend Finder menu comes on Facebook and you will see a new option in the top menu called Unfriends, there you will see the count of the friends that will be removed, nothing will start, then this count will begin to appear after days and after you are removed from someone’s list.
     You can find script of updated version  Unfriend Finder here
    If you have any suggestion then please leave a comment .

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    Anonymous said...
    November 7, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Who Deleted Me? is a website that lets you do this without greasemonkey. I think its easier to setup too!

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