Sep 24, 2010


Another way to fool Key-logger

  • Sep 24, 2010
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  • 1st Method:
    key-logger only helps to store the keystroke that we type not what we do other things like copy
    and paste and other things. So Why not we try doing other things like copy and paste for our
    need.Like if we try for copy by pressing CTRL+c then we copy what we need but key-logger stores only words CTRL+C not what we copy.yet, this might be another hopefull way to fool key logger.
    Isn't it.
    Here is an example.
    lets say we need our user name and password typed. For that first we should open notepad and
    write all the letters and sign that we need in our user name and this....

    And what we have to do is to choose each and every letters and symbols form notepad and
    copy them in login shown..

    We can also use our shortcut key for copy(CTRL+C) and paste(CTRL+V) for convience from
    Though this seems to be slow and time consuming but it obviously work.hope you will try this
    to be secure from key-logger.

    Next method:
    last but not the least that I have another idea of generating on screen keyboard.On screen ke
    eyboard is a windows inbuilt utility to type.For this program to run go to Start > All programs > Accessories>Accessibility > On-screen Keyboard(in windows xp).And Start > All programs > Accessories >Ease of Access > On-screen keyboard or we can also search for On-screen Keyboard in Start Menu Search (in Windows Vista or later).

    As soon as there appear on-screen keyboard.Then use On-screen keyboard to type. like this.

    How do you feel this idea? Though they are a bit longer and troublesome but they are the way to
    be safe as longer way are considered to be safer than short one.We hope you will find it not
    difficult to do .And one thing let me request you that if you have any idea about this then you
    can comment on it We will post on blog with all the credits to you.

    2 Responses to “Another way to fool Key-logger”

    Prakash said...
    September 24, 2010 at 5:27 AM

    soaltee password ta paste hanna mildaina ni ani k kam ta

    bishal bohora said...
    September 24, 2010 at 9:20 PM

    soaltee ramrai sanga try gara na ek patak huncha nai.natra tetikai lekhna milla ra he he he

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