Jun 24, 2011


Facebook Scams message June 2011

  • Jun 24, 2011
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  • Be carefull once again the genius Scammer sucessfully attacked facebook. In the month of June 2011 there are alots of facebook scam. So You all facebook users be carefull and accept, likes and click your mouse on those application  which are genuine. Otherwise you will be in trap and you may get puzzle among your friends.

    Here is the List of Facebook Scams in June 2011

    Example 1
    Photographer commited SUICIDE 3 days after shooting THIS video! 

    This really must have been an awkward moment
    This is an example of scam released on June 2011 which is very popular now a days in facebook.We realized When this message is published in our Wall Post. So be careful with these types of scams message. Some of the snapshots are shown below.
         Photographer commited SUICIDE 3 days after shooting THIS video!

    Do not click Jaa
    If you click Jaa It will be posted in your Wall Post

    Similar types of facebook scams message released in month of June 2011 are listed below

    •  [REAL VIDEO] A hot girl is stripping on cam and… look what happens!! See what happens to this sexy girl while strips alone on cam! You won’t believe it!!
    • WTF – What are you doing in this Video?? 99%of people will search this girl on google after watching this amazing video
    • Your account was accessed from a new location : Anonymous Proxy
    • The World Funniest Condom Commercial – LOL
    • JetBlue airways is having a Very special promo and is giving away two tickets to anywhere you want ! I received mine today and it didnt cost me a cent.. I cant believe it!This is the website I received it
    • What Is This ? (Sexual Illusion)
    • Visit the New Facebook
    • W0man has an 0rgasm on a r0ller c0aster. I love how the dude stops laughing and goes completely   silent once he realizes his girlfriend wasn’t joking about having an orgasm
    • TMZ Reports Justin Bieber Punched Selena Gomez IN THE LIP!! You can clearly see her busted lip, Wow, guess they got a little tooooo frisky in Hawaii! Bieber is do damn rude, he should get his ass kicked for this!
    • Lily Allen shows her breasts on British television!  In a broadcast on Channel 4, the singer Lilly Allen shows us her beautiful breasts
    • The president is finally taking charge!! Is this really for real?
    • Dad walks in on Daughter.. EMBARRASSING!This really must have been an awkward moment.
    • Ryan Dunn Last Words – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! See the leaked video showing Ryan Dunn’s last words
    • Times are changing. I know this is going to effect me, hopefully not you to
    • Looks like fun :P Hi Philip, what are you doing in this video?Are you trying to dance or what?? Lol I   wonder who uploaded this video?? This is to funny? hopefully you all had fun thoungh..
    • The most provokative video ever
    • Overly Dramatic Orgasm. So hard that her screams of ecstasy come out sounding more like a weird  Tarzan yell
    • Online Geld Verdienen – 500€ pro Tag. Weniger als 1 Stunde Arbeit taglich konnen Sie locker uber 500 € am Tag verdienen!
    • heyyy, what are you doing in this thing ? ROFL dont do it again haha!

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