Aug 30, 2010


How to cheat Keylogger

  • Aug 30, 2010
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  • Mostly net users are sure to know about key logger and its work too. Key logger has both negative as well as positive effect. Let me not go through how it has been in the society but I am here with some suggestion about how to fool and cheat or hack key logger. Hope this can be useful to those who are suffering from it while using public, friends and college computer net surfing.
    Let me not go through talking only but lets see some tricks where key logger fooled in doing work.
    Trick 1:Key logger is just a software which helps to find out each and every word typed in the keyboard. It continuously and serially stores each and every key that we typed without giving any information to the user. But this is the main defect of key logger and our golden opportunity to fool key logger. How we do lets see example:
    suppose we had e-mail id What we can do is just typing the id in zigzag way as first typing z1 as shown above.

    and again by pointing the mouse pointer infront of z1 and writing xy
    as shown .
    Again bring the mouse pointer back and completing writing 23as shown above.

    Key logger stores your id in this format as See how fool it is to know. Similarly you can do the same process for password and other important files. How is this idea to fool key logger.

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